3-D Effect Tutorial

You can probably do this on most platforms; Here. I’m using Photoshop CS2.

1. open your image

 open your image

2. duplicate the Background layer twice

 duplicate the Background layer twice

3. create a new layer above Copy 1; fill it with a neon blue (preferably #00f7e3); set the blending mode to Screen
Copy 2 is temporarily hidden in this image

 create a new layer above Copy 1; fill it with a neon blue (preferably #00f7e3); set the blending mode to ScreenCopy 2 is temporarily hidden in this image

4. create a new layer above Copy 2; fill it with a bright red (preferably #e10000); set the blending mode to Screen

 create a new layer above Copy 2; fill it with a bright red (preferably #e10000); set the blending mode to Screen

5. merge the colored layers down to their respective backgrounds (red merges into Copy 2, blue merges into Copy 1)

6. (optional) desaturate the original background layer (ctrl-shift-u)
red + blue layers are temporarily hidden in this image

 (optional) desaturate the original background layer (ctrl-shift-u)red + blue layers are temporarily hidden in this image

7. set the blending mode of both Red and Blue to Darken
this almost resaturates it, but no other noticeable difference

 set the blending mode of both Red and Blue to Darkenthis almost resaturates it, but no other noticeable difference

8. nudge Blue to the right a few pixels until you get the effect you want

 nudge Blue to the right a few pixels until you get the effect you want

9. nudge Red to the left a few pixels until you get the effect you want

 nudge Red to the left a few pixels until you get the effect you want

10. save and you’re done!

I hope this tutorial helped; If you have any questions please just ask!

I hope this tutorial helped; If you have any questions please just ask!


Graphic Showcase #1

Well, here’s something new I’m trying out… a graphics showcase. Unless you’ve come from my Wattpad, you probably don’t know that I graphic design for fun, and I take requests on Wattpad. I’ve decided to share a few of them here with you.

Shadow Thieves


The swirls and castle-y things were separate images that I blended in. I like the stained glass effect on the text. But I just realized that I, being an absolute idiot, spelled ‘thieves’ wrong. WHAI?!?! Luckily, I didn’t get points taken off for it, so. 🙂

These were the requirements that I was to follow:

Title: Shadow Thieves
Author: Emily Zhang and your watermark
Genre: Fantasy
Subtitle: Humanity is being devoured.
Requirements: raven, dark, enchanting, misty, girl

Everything is Blue

So for this we had to use a song we were assigned as inspo… My song was Colors by Halsey which I just looove. So I had the PNG of Halsey with the awesome hair, then I desaturated just her face. The I used splatter brushes and erased and added color to the cover. I did the same with the text. I didn’t want EVERYTHING to be blue (contrary to the title) so I added some baby pink. 🙂 I do not know the result of this round at the moment. Maybe I’ll add an update when I do?

Title: must be related to song
Author: GraphicKingdomCC and something that says you made the cover
Theme: make it about your song

Fun Fact: I’m actually a part of GraphicKingdom (AND part of their competition– I’m just not allowed to access that part of the account), so go over there and show us some love. 🙂 Pwease?

Desktop Wallpaper

I’m very proud of this one, actually. I guess the placement of the planets could be a bit better, but all in all, it’s okay. If you want, I’ll share the link to the premade version. Just be sure to tell me before.

Author: League of Graphics and our username very small
Title: no text is allowed apart from author
Dimensions: 1920 x 1080
Genre: any
Must Have: a dark mood, must be manipulated and ONE object as the
main focus; it can not be a celebrity

Looking at it now (last December… ;)), I’m wondering if I followed the requirements as well as I should have… Ah well. I’ll update you on the results soon!

Well, there you have it. My first graphic showcase… thoughts? If you have questions, I’m free to answer them. 🙂 If you want to see more of my work, check out my cover shop @TheHeraEra on Wattpad.


Page by Paige | by Laura Lee Gulledge | Book Review

Okay, so what with the starting of school and whatnot, I didn’t really want to get a hard read from the library. I was hoping for something light, and fun, and easy to read. (By that, I don’t mean like kindergarten language, but something that you don’t have a book-hangover with.)


Just in case you weren’t sure what I meant by that.

So, I figured, what better book fits that criteria than a graphic novel?! So I went and looked up some good graphic novels online, and my eyes fell upon an interesting-looking book called Page by Paige. It was indeed a graphic novel. As I looked at the blurb and reviews, I was surprised to find out that it wasn’t your typical novel– light-hearted, tells a story, humor, etc. Instead, this book seemed to be more about the narrator, Paige, and her thoughts. It was more introspected, if you know what I mean.

Curious, I put the book on hold and retrieved it from the library a couple days later.

When I began reading it, I realized that it was going to be a very quick read. I’d say that I finished it in like 2 or 3 days, and even then, I only read during lunchtime at school because I have no friends. XD

Nevertheless, the book was more than enough company for me. It was very deep. Sometimes I related to it, and sometimes, I didn’t. One of my favorite lines in the book went something like this: Sometimes I think I was born with my eyes facing the wrong way. They face the inside of my head.

Or something like that, anyway. But I really related to that line. Although I’ve never had such a thought, it made me realize that that’s exactly what I do. I have more conversations with myself inside my head, rather than with others. But it’s not like I have a choice– remember me saying I had no friends? But to be honest, I don’t mind it too much. I always have myself for company, and sometimes, that’s enough.

Well, with the way I’m talking, you would have thought that it wasn’t a graphic novel, but it’s true! I’ve never seen a graphic novel to be more about someone’s thoughts than events that were happening. An example of the latter would be Smile by Raina Telgemeier, one of my all-time favorite graphic novels. You see, Smile takes place over a long period of time, around four years, whereas Page by Paige took place for just a few months. So that surprised me a little bit.

You may think that I’ve forgotten that there are drawings in a graphic novel, too. Don’t think I forgot. I LOVED the illustrations in this book. They were so beautiful, it’ll make you wonder why they stop putting drawings in YA books. And there was a little thing that I noticed that none of the reviewers mentioned…

The drawings are not all the same. If you’ll notice:


(This is from the Hebrew version but whatever, I couldn’t find a better one. Also, apparently Hebrew is read right to left, so in the English version, the pages are reversed. Just wanted to let you know.)

Alright, so look carefully at the two Paige’s. See a difference? I did, somewhere halfway into the book. You see, the Paige on the right (left in the English version) is just a regular ol’ comic book character. Clean lines. Minimal shading. But the Paige on the left (right in the English version) is more… dynamic. More complex shapes. Lots of shading. More realistic. This represents the two sides of Paige– the one she thinks others see, a flat, boring, quiet girl who draws, and the Paige she is inside, a brilliant girl with tons of ideas and personalities. The book shows Paige’s journey of realizing that it’s okay to live inside your head, and also of becoming the artist she’s always been.

Hope you guys liked this new style of book review! I personally liked it much better than my old style. Like, comment, share, whatever. See y’all later! 🙂