How’re You Doing?

So, Donald J. Trump is now our president.

I don’t have a good feeling about that at all. And many of my friends feel the same way.

I’ll just tell you straight up that I support #WomensMarch. I have friends marching and I, a mere 14-year-old, am not able to witness the greatest inaugural protest in HISTORY. That’s right, Trump.

I’ve also learned that at the official website, they’ve got a campaign titled “10 Actions / 100 Days”. I think I’ll talk about that more possibly in a future post.

Well, anyway, I just wanted to make that clear. What do you think of the march?

Tried-and-True Life Hacks #1

The following life hacks are hacks that have been tested by me. And they actually work! Many times, I discover the hack myself. I hope to do more of these. So if you have any other hacks that have never failed you, leave me a comment. And enjoy!

1. Getting Rid of Adhesive

Ever attempt peel a label/sticker off of glass or plastic, only to have the label rip halfway through? So you’re like, NBD, I’ll just peel it from the other corner. And whoop-de-doo, it rips again. So now you have a few scraps of paper in your hand and some annoying adhesive and bits of paper left behind on the surface.

The Problem:


The Solution:

Materials: hand sanitizer, paper towels (optional)


Apply some hand sanitizer to the adhesive. Work it into the stickiness with your fingers or a paper towel. The adhesive should separate from the surface easily. You can use your fingers of a paper towel to get all the stickiness off.




2. Removing Nail Polish Without Acetone/Nail Polish Remover

So there was this one time I was playing around with some nail polish (remember, I didn’t have nail polish remover around) and I didn’t wipe it off in time– it had already dried. So I’m like oookay… how do I get this off? So I thought, well, alcohol dissolves most things. Hand sanitizer has a lot of alcohol. So I put two and two together and created this hack…

The Problem:


(Ew this is ugly I need to take it off.

The Solution:

Materials: hand sanitizer (yes, again), paper towel, dry-erase marker (optional)



Put a small glob of hand sanitizer onto your nail or paper towel, doesn’t matter. Start wiping your nail with the paper towel vigorously. The nail polish should begin coming off. Continue until most of your nail is clean. Then, to clean up the stubborn bits, you can take a dry-erase marker and color over the spots. They’ll disappear! Now, this method isn’t PERFECT, of course. That’s what nail polish remover and acetone are there for.

3. Save Battery on Your Phone

This is a pretty simple hack that I learned at… 7? I think. Because that’s around the time we had something other than a flip phone in our house. So I was taught this simple trick to save battery, and as a result, our Apple product’s battery lasted for daaays. And a bunch of you must be going, “OMG HERA THIS IS SO STUPID EVERYONE KNOWS THIS!1!11!11!!!” Well, yes, but you’d be surprised to know that a lot of people don’t actually realize how helpful this is.

The Problem:

Image result for iphone battery

7 hours later:

Image result for iphone dead battery

The Solution:

Materials: your device (doesn’t have to be Apple)

All you do is put it on Airplane Mode! 😀

I’m a troll, aren’t I. XD

If you don’t know how, swipe up from the bottom of your screen, and at the top of the window that slides up there’s a row of buttons. Click on the airplane. On a Samsung, press and hold the power button and one of the three options you get is to turn on Airplane Mode. Not sure if all models of Samsungs have this, but I’m sure you can figure it out, you’re smart.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe | Benjamin Alire Sáenz | Book Review


This book, I tell you.
I found myself saying this so many times.

I didn’t realize this would be a romance novel. Well, not exactly. Kind of chick-lit? Is it okay to say chick-lit if the book has male main characters? Because the book is so much more than romance. It’s about a couple of boys (Dante and Ari, if you haven’t guessed already… and mostly Ari) who are having trouble finding their identity. So possibly spiritual? I’ve decided that it’s a mix. [EDIT: Just found out that this sort of thing is called Coming-of-Age. Cool.] And the book presented complex ideas in a very simple form. OMG wait– I know the perfect word to fit that description! You guys, I promise this wasn’t planned out, but here’s a word I’ve been in love with lately:

It is THE perfect word to describe the book. Picture found on tumblr, obviously. XD
So. I wasn’t sure what to think of Ari at first. To be honest, we didn’t know much about him. But then Dante was introduced, and I LOVED his character. Aghaghagh fangirl fangirl fangirllll. He was so unique and refreshingly honest with himself. What kind of 16-year old is “crazy about his parents”? Dante was just awesome. Ari was just as awesome, but it took him a while to realize it, with Dante’s help. And that’s what I think Dante did for him– brought out the real Ari. Ari really owed him a lot, didn’t he? Dante helped Ari see the world differently– beautifully. But then — no spoilers — he did something crazy for Dante. But I won’t talk about it because that’s one of Ari’s rules. Those sad, limiting rules that Ari forces himself to live by. That’s another thing Dante helped him do; break those rules. Sáenz once said, “[Ari] is so afraid of loving [Dante]. And Dante isn’t.”

This wasn’t a cliché LGBTQ book, where after being friends with the other a while, the MC goes, “Omg, I think I’m gay!”. No. No, that’s not Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe is Ari falling in love with Dante as a friend, so much that it crossed the border of the friend-zone, without them noticing, At least, without Ari noticing.

Another thing I wanted to talk about was how the treatment of LGBTQ’s in 1987 is sometimes not much different today. Just because you don’t agree with how someone lives their life doesn’t mean you have to abuse them, both physically and verbally. That’s kind of sad. Why can’t people just let them be? Is it hurting you? No. So leave them alone.

As for the technicalities of the book, I loved the cover.

~To conclude.~

If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be beautiful. Because it was beautiful in its own way. It was perfectly paced, to show that the little details in life are not just there to be there. They serve a purpose, like all things. I’d say this would be good for 13-14+-year-olds. This. Book. Was. Phenomenal.


*victory screech*

Thanks for reading this review!



The Survival Kit | Donna Freitas | Book Review

So… this is a little weird. Because my review isn’t going to be in the same format as one of my last reviews. It’s on a document because I did it for a school project and I wanted to show you what my report ACTUALLY looks like.

We had to do what was called an Amazon Listing Project. It had to include almost everything a regular Amazon listing for a book would include. I didn’t make it e x a c t l y  like an Amazon listing (which wasn’t part of the requirements anyway…) and added a personal touch.

Actually, my favorite part of the assignment was making a new cover for it. As you know by now, I love to graphic design. So I was really hyped for that. I’m afraid to say it didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped. Maybe I should have kept it simple with just a kite on the cover?

Anyway. Here’s the file: the-survival-kit

If you have problems viewing it, let me know. :/

There’s a meme easter-egg in there too… enjoy!