HELLO EVERYBODYYY! Welcome to my blog. Me name is Hera and I am not Scottish. Or was it the Irish? I forgot. So this is my blog… I guess. Enjoy the content I post, and if you don’t enjoy it, i’M sORRY i jUST wANTED tO mAKE yOU hAPPY dON’T hATE mE!


Well, anyway. *composes self* At the time of writing, I am in 8th grade. I’m a huuuge perfectionist (I don’t like to say I have OCD because I have not been diagnosed with it and it may offend some people) when it comes to spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Except when the mistake has been made intentionally and it looks all ~tumblr~. I like to read and write (why on Earth would I have a blog otherwise?), so I do a lot of book reviews on this thing. I graphic design for fun because it’s fun (wow wow A++ Hera good job congratuleggtion). And I’m bad at concluding paragraphs so…
I’ll see you around! :)))