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A pencil case is pretty essential, right? But how many of us use them to hold just pens and pencils, and how many of us use them to hold the random crap that would probably have accumulated at the bottom of your backpack? Let me take you on a tour of mine.


Okay, first things first! This is my pencil case. It’s super basic, cheap, and I got it from Target about a year ago.


I use this pen for pretty much everything, including notes, worksheets, etc. It’s just a fine-point Pentel R.S.V.P. I, uh, found it on the ground and discovered that it wrote really nicely, so I… kept it. Probably shouldn’t be putting that online?


Here’s something you probably see quite a bit. It’s a 0.7 Papermate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencil that I… also… found on the ground? Man, your opinion of me must be plummeting right now. I promise these are the only things I found on the ground, though!!! I use this when I have to sketch a graph or something in math or for standardized tests (even though we don’t need to use #2 pencils anymore in our school bc it’s all camera-based, I still use a pencil out of habit).


Moving on! Two high polymer erasers. Don’t really need to explain these. Don’t remember where they’re from.


One of the more useful things in this pencil case — an acrylic ruler. An essential for every perfectionist. I think it may have been discontinued, though? There’s a 12-inch one but this one is perfect for a pencil case.


Just your everyday scientific calculator!


We have a bit of an intervention here. No, I don’t keep her in my pencil case. We’ll just have to work with her on my desk then.


Some Wite-Out, literally one of my favorite things ever. Does not include the toe beans.



This strange flower-looking contraption is actually a highlighter! It comes in pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue. I kind of wish they had purple too, but I’m not complaining. We got it for free at a mall. I’m pretty sure they got it from here? “Flower Shape Promotional 5 Color Highlighter” ok bro


Here’s something interesting. I found six Crayola Pipsqueaks Skinnies in our craft drawer. Don’t know where they came from and why there are only six, but the colors are so pretty and unique! I use them for highlighters even though I don’t think that’s what you’re supposed to do… but they do work nicely as highlighters. For some reason, you can only buy the 64-pack with the same colors I have at Target?


So this is the very last thing in my pencil case. It’s kind of a swatch card, so I can, y’know, see which colors match or go well with each other.
From left to right:
– Crayola Broadline, classic colors (not in my pencil case, but I do use them at school)
– Crayola Broadline, assorted colors (not in my pencil case, but I do use them at school)
– Staedtler Ballpoint Stick Pens (also not in my pencil case)
– Flower Shape Promotional 5 Color Highlighter
– Crayola Pipsqueaks Skinnies
– BIC Mark-It, Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker (I have a ton of these so I don’t keep them in my pencil case. I got them like 4 years ago and I haven’t lost any (though some have dried out) and I’d like to keep it that way.)

So that was what’s in my pencil case. Hope you enjoyed (looking at my cat)! That was totally unplanned, but I decided to just go with it. Remember to leave a vote and comment! 🙂 I’ll see you later if school hasn’t fully consumed me by then.


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