$3 Temporary Backsplash?! | DIY

No, I’m not joking. April Fools was weeks ago.

Hello and welcome back! Today I’ll be doing something a little bit different. Normally when I do DIYs, they’re usually fun stuff to make that are kind of functional. This DIY, however, is SUPER useful and EXTREMELY easy to make as well!

We just painted our kitchen a few days ago, and are planning on getting a professionally done backsplash soon. In the meantime, we want to keep the walls as clean as possible. In a kitchen, it’s not always that easy.

So we devised a solution to keep food stains and splatters off the wall. It literally takes less than 5 minutes to do one piece of the “backsplash”, and I guarantee you’d be done with the entire area in less than an hour or two. The materials are things you would find around your house.

The materials are things you would find around your house, and the entire project will only set you back about 3 dollars. Yup, 3! Let’s begin.




  1. Measure the area you want to cover.20170411_164534
  2. Cut out a piece of the poster board in the same shape and size of the wall.20170411_164618
  3. Cover the board with wrapping paper, taping the edges on the back.20170411_165903
  4. Then, cover this with plastic wrap, again, taping the edges on the back.20170411_171944
  5. Pop the completed board into place on the wall. It should fit snugly if you made the correct measurements.


    If you want a more heavy-duty splatter-protector, you can use a clear vinyl table protector to cover the board instead of plastic wrap.


    Hey, thanks for reading! This was a bit of a different post. Sorry for not posting in a century, but I appreciate you sticking around!

    – Hera


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