January Music Favorites

January seems to be a good time to release new songs. New year, new music, am I right?

I usually get my music from Spotify on the “Today’s Top Hits” playlist because I like that it always changes. Here we go!

1. Closer
The Chainsmokers, Halsey

I know Closer isn’t as new, but it’s stuck in my head like 75% of the time and it’s a good song but IT’S TOO DAMN CATCHY.


2. Shape of You
Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is BACK with two fresh singles: Shape of You and Castle on the Hill. Out of the two, this one was my favorite. Again, way too catchy for its own good. This is also one of those songs that you can play on repeat for an hour straight and not get sick of it. Which I did.


3. Lot to Learn
Luke Christopher

This song is just. So cute. Like. Why haven’t I heard this before???


4. History
Olivia Holt

I didn’t know Olivia Holt did music but this song is pretty good. Okay, more than that.


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