Tried-and-True Life Hacks #1

The following life hacks are hacks that have been tested by me. And they actually work! Many times, I discover the hack myself. I hope to do more of these. So if you have any other hacks that have never failed you, leave me a comment. And enjoy!

1. Getting Rid of Adhesive

Ever attempt peel a label/sticker off of glass or plastic, only to have the label rip halfway through? So you’re like, NBD, I’ll just peel it from the other corner. And whoop-de-doo, it rips again. So now you have a few scraps of paper in your hand and some annoying adhesive and bits of paper left behind on the surface.

The Problem:


The Solution:

Materials: hand sanitizer, paper towels (optional)


Apply some hand sanitizer to the adhesive. Work it into the stickiness with your fingers or a paper towel. The adhesive should separate from the surface easily. You can use your fingers of a paper towel to get all the stickiness off.




2. Removing Nail Polish Without Acetone/Nail Polish Remover

So there was this one time I was playing around with some nail polish (remember, I didn’t have nail polish remover around) and I didn’t wipe it off in time– it had already dried. So I’m like oookay… how do I get this off? So I thought, well, alcohol dissolves most things. Hand sanitizer has a lot of alcohol. So I put two and two together and created this hack…

The Problem:


(Ew this is ugly I need to take it off.

The Solution:

Materials: hand sanitizer (yes, again), paper towel, dry-erase marker (optional)



Put a small glob of hand sanitizer onto your nail or paper towel, doesn’t matter. Start wiping your nail with the paper towel vigorously. The nail polish should begin coming off. Continue until most of your nail is clean. Then, to clean up the stubborn bits, you can take a dry-erase marker and color over the spots. They’ll disappear! Now, this method isn’t PERFECT, of course. That’s what nail polish remover and acetone are there for.

3. Save Battery on Your Phone

This is a pretty simple hack that I learned at… 7? I think. Because that’s around the time we had something other than a flip phone in our house. So I was taught this simple trick to save battery, and as a result, our Apple product’s battery lasted for daaays. And a bunch of you must be going, “OMG HERA THIS IS SO STUPID EVERYONE KNOWS THIS!1!11!11!!!” Well, yes, but you’d be surprised to know that a lot of people don’t actually realize how helpful this is.

The Problem:

Image result for iphone battery

7 hours later:

Image result for iphone dead battery

The Solution:

Materials: your device (doesn’t have to be Apple)

All you do is put it on Airplane Mode! 😀

I’m a troll, aren’t I. XD

If you don’t know how, swipe up from the bottom of your screen, and at the top of the window that slides up there’s a row of buttons. Click on the airplane. On a Samsung, press and hold the power button and one of the three options you get is to turn on Airplane Mode. Not sure if all models of Samsungs have this, but I’m sure you can figure it out, you’re smart.


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