The Survival Kit | Donna Freitas | Book Review

So… this is a little weird. Because my review isn’t going to be in the same format as one of my last reviews. It’s on a document because I did it for a school project and I wanted to show you what my report ACTUALLY looks like.

We had to do what was called an Amazon Listing Project. It had to include almost everything a regular Amazon listing for a book would include. I didn’t make it e x a c t l y  like an Amazon listing (which wasn’t part of the requirements anyway…) and added a personal touch.

Actually, my favorite part of the assignment was making a new cover for it. As you know by now, I love to graphic design. So I was really hyped for that. I’m afraid to say it didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped. Maybe I should have kept it simple with just a kite on the cover?

Anyway. Here’s the file: the-survival-kit

If you have problems viewing it, let me know. :/

There’s a meme easter-egg in there too… enjoy!



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