Animal Farm | George Orwell | Book Review

This was summer reading I didn’t do because I’m new to the school I’m currently going to… So this may be a bit boring. Just a heads up.
So because of my chattering classmates, I’ve heard a lot about this book. Mainly that it’s a political satire, and a bit boring and predictable. One even wrote anonymously, “…no one should ever have to be forced to read this uncultured book.” Like… okay?

But moving on. I didn’t really have a choice to read the book, and who knows, maybe I’ll like it? So I picked up a copy and tried to begin reading. However, I had gotten one of the newer editions and it was filled with praise, prologues, introductions, author bios, etc. etc. Like, I JUST WANT TO GET TO THE STORY, I should not have to flip through 20 pages of Orwell’s publication story. Finally, I came to Chapter One.

I must say, I like the way Orwell introduced the characters, by just grouping them all together in a meeting. That was an interesting way to start off the book. As I read the book, I happened to realize that if I didn’t know that the book was a metaphor for the Russian revolution, it could have just been a book about animals on a farm. This is exactly the trait of a summer reading book, forcing you to have to research the book in order to understand it the assignment. .-.

Arbitrary note: I did not like Mollie, but I get where she’s coming from… I mean, it WAS kind of unceremonious for them to scold her for liking ribbons… even if they are a sign of obedience to humans, what if she just thinks they’re pretty?

The book does seem pretty slow, however… at the time of writing, I have finished Chapter 5 and even though a LOT happened in the first and second chapter (none of us were expecting the Rebellion to come THIS soon), it kind of slows down in the next three. The third, fourth, and fifth chapters are mostly about the animals setting up the Farm, with the exception of that one moment where Jones tries to take back over… and failed…
Not to say that I didn’t enjoy them. Even though the plot was boring in those three chapters, the way Orwell wrote it makes the text itself pretty engaging.

Things aren’t perfect on the farm after that, of course. If they were, it would make for a boring as anything book. Trouble had started brewing… And that’s all I can say without spoiling it. Unless, of course, you already know the story of the Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union.

My assignment was to research a bunch of people from the Russian Revolution itself, because like I said, you won’t be able to understand the full story without background knowledge. I’m not going to just release my assignment to the world, because it’s not a file, and will take 1,000,000 years to type out. But I will tell you that Mr. Jones is equivalent to the real-life Czar. That bit is clear.

Well, when I finished the book, it was… a very wow ending. Kind of profound. Like wow. Kind of sad. But I expected it… my classmates were right, it was predictable. It was still a good book. I quite liked it, actually. Something about it made it very realistic. And that’s sad to think that because it WAS based off of a real-life story. 😦 So the Russians had to actually go through that! And the Soviet Union emerged… if you’d read the book, it’s kind of obvious what had gone wrong with the SU.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

This was one of my lamer reviews. I promise I’m not a nerd.



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