I Am Hera. | Blogging 101 2016

[8th grade Hera here. This is a little something I had written for a Blogging 101 course I took here, way back in January… anyway, I really like it, and so I decided to post it as a little throwback. A throwback of 8 months, but whatever. :)]

I am an average 7th grade girl who loves to write. Writing is a way for me to express my thoughts and ideas before they lose their spark. If I keep playing around with an idea in my mind, the excitement of this new, fascinating gem of an idea becomes dull, covered in the dirty fingerprints of my own … And before long, I don’t feel as motivated to write as I was. It’s quite annoying, to be honest. And I love to read. Reading a new book is a very exciting prospect. Just the thought of discovering a new great book is an amazing feeling. It’s such a great experience to get lost in all the different worlds of books. On my previous blog, I wrote (hopefully XD) unbiased book reviews about some of the books that I had recently read. I wanted to share that feeling with you, and help give you the inspiration that you need to go out and do what makes you truly happy. This is what I plan to do with my blog, and maybe you’ll join me on the roller coaster world of ideas and sharing them with the world. This is me. This is Hera.


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